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Why should I join the UBISOC committee?

The time a person spends at University is a pivotal time in their life that will shape them as a person and may have a huge impact on determining what sort of person they will end up being for the rest of their life. For those coming from a Muslim background, University may be a culture shock as well as being academically challenging. Hence, building a sense of community for Muslim students on campus is a great way to ensure everyone’s experience is easier and more beneficial.
The main functions of the Islamic Society:
  • ensure the University provides adequate prayer facilities to the Muslims on campus
  • nurture the Islamic development of all the Muslim students



UBISOC also endeavours to do the following:
  • provide volunteering and charity opportunities
  • host halal social events
  • give dawah to non-Muslims in Birmingham
Those who are instrumental in facilitating these no doubt will achieve a huge reward insha'Allah.

What does it take to be part of the UBISOC Committee?

Every favour Allah has bestowed upon a person is a trust, and every trust must be given its due right. Being responsible for the prayer facilities of hundreds of Muslims on campus as well as offering an environment that can nurture their Islam is, without doubt, a heavy trust from Allah. Hence, those who consider taking on this trust must be serious about the responsibility it entails.
Although there are no specific requirements in terms of how knowledgeable or practising a person should be, one request is that any person considering a role in the UBISOC Committee should be honest with themselves regarding how suitable they may be to be seen as the leader of an Islamic organisation. This is not intended to put people off, but rather to ensure only the most suitable and deserving candidates are given this responsibility.

Specific General Requirements for Committee Members:

  • General sincerity in why they wish to serve Muslims on campus, and intentions to better themselves.
  • To be able to commit time over the summer to complete tasks in preparation for the new academic year – the more that is completed in the summer, the less there is to do during term time.
  • To be able to commit to at least 1 hour per week during term time for Committee meetings which will be at fixed times that at least the majority can attend.
  • To be able to commit adequate time at your own convenience but within the constraint of university deadlines to carry out tasks to ensure the functioning of the Islamic Society.
  • To attend at least some of the events organised and hosted by the Islamic Society.
  • To consider attending certain key conferences throughout the year such as the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) Winter and Summer Conferences.

For role-specific information, please see our election guidance booklet.