Connecting the Islamic Society Alumni to the current Muslim students to inspire excellence in this world and the hereafter.

As you might have seen on the page describing the aims and objectives of the Islamic Society, the potential of this network is vast. As an alumnus from the University of Birmingham, you have the opportunity to join this network. As part of the membership, you are required to set up a direct debit of £3 per month which will support the activities and projects of the Alumni Network.

The benefits are numerous and are as follows:

- 6-monthly ISOC and Alumni Network Newsletter

- Access to a network of influential UBISOC Alumni

- Exclusive discounts at UBISOC Events and UBISOC Alumni Events

- Dedicated team to support you organise your own reunion events with fellow alumni of your choosing

You'll also be posted a membership pack which consists of:

- Alumni Network branded mug
- Alumni Network branded pen
- Alumni Network branded chocolates
- Alumni Network Booklet
- Wudu Mate Personal

How to sign up


To sign up for membership, just fill out the following form AND make sure to fill in the Go Cardless form here. Only after filling both, your membership will be confirmed and your membership pack will be posted to you.

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