Connecting the Islamic Society Alumni to the current Muslim students to inspire excellence in this world and the hereafter.

What is the UBISOC Alumni Network?

The University of Birmingham Islamic Society Network is a group of Muslim graduates from the University of Birmingham who have gone on to assume influential roles in the community as professionals in their field. The group are united by their desire to ensure the long term growth of the Muslim community in Birmingham and the UK.

What potential does the network have?

Looking back at the history of UBISOC, so many people have passed through and gone on to reach heights of excellence, yet many of them never kept in contact with their peers from their University days. By bringing this lineage of professionals and leaders back together, there is huge potential for collaboration across Muslim civil society to more efficiently facilitate the growth and refinement of Muslim Community infrastructure in the UK.

An Alumni Network has the potential to become a waqf (Islamic trust) which builds wealth via a variety of projects over many years, and young Muslim talent can be fast tracked, nurtured and guided by elders from amongst the Alumni to enter positions in the community where they can be of maximum benefit to the Muslim community and wider society. The zeal and energy of youth can be focused by the wisdom of elders towards causes that are truly beneficial.

If you're interested in joining the University of Birmingham Islamic Society Alumni Network, head over to our membership page here which will detail exactly what benefits you'll get as well as how to sign up.