BADG stands for "Believe and Do Good", a moral we should take with us everywhere in life. It is a month long initiative where we help out in the community as much as we can and give the charity of our time.

In the past, we've held events such as help the homeless, in which we set up a soup kitchen on New Street and also did walkabouts around town so that we could help even more people. People loved it, especially the walkabouts!

We also spent time volunteering at care homes just to make the residents' day that little bit more special. We have also collaborated with the charity called Birmingham Trees for Life. During this time, we worked alongside local primary school pupils at Glebe farm recreation ground to plant over a thousand trees! Alongside this we helped people sign up for blood donations which they gave in the heart of the city centre.

These were just a few of the opportunities we offered for everyone who wanted to get involved. This year we aim to get even more creative with our events and bring as many different activities for you to take part in as possible inshaAllah.