Charity Week is a week-long project to volunteer and fundraise for charity projects around the world.

What is Charity Week?

The University of Birmingham Islamic Society runs Charity Week every year in Semester 1. We choose a Charity and cause each year to fundraise for and then go all out in our efforts to raise more than the previous year. We organise a Charity Dinner, a sponsored climb, sell the iconic Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and much much more! UBISOC does it a little differently from other Islamic Societies. We recruit volunteers to be part of sub-teams for Charity Week which organise specific parts of Charity Week like the Charity Quiz. Everyone is welcome to join a team and we have planning meetings a few weeks before Charity Week where you can attend and join a team and plan Charity Week events with them. It's a great opportunity to volunteer for a fantastic cause and build up your own organisational and team working skills.

Our 2019 Campaign:

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the loss of one of our dearest brothers, Yahya Adan. Unlike any other first-year medical student, he strived for impact. Positive impact on not only those around him but millions of lives around the world. The entire student body here at the University of Birmingham would like to try to attain even a glimpse of the vision that Yahya had. Often when someone passes away we are left feeling helpless however Allah has given us the opportunity to leave something in this world that will benefit our loved ones at an unimaginable scale. Please join us in honouring our dear brother by donating what you can towards The Yahya Adan Bakery.

This bakery will be located in the heart of Hudaydah, Yemen. A country that is currently facing its largest humanitarian catastrophe with 24 million left vulnerable. The Yahya Adan Bakery will support 300 families, 3 times a week.