This project aims to share the beauty of Islam through kind gestures. How do we do this exactly? We simply deliver gifts like flowers, chocolates, brownies and all the other treats you could think of to the same ten people, every month, throughout the year. What makes these gifts so special is the fact that we’ll have reminders attached; whether it be a hadith or a Quran quote (with context) – both will help these ten people discover more about Islam in an easy way.
By the end of this journey, they will receive a copy of the Quran (in English translation) to continue to learn more about Islam throughout their life if they choose to.
Don’t worry, you can share the reward of helping someone discover Islam very soon!
We recruit our subteam every year giving you the chance to do good. You can apply to Pieces of Peace’s sub-team during our recruitment time (keep a lookout).

In the meanwhile, you can donate to this wonderful project and leave huge Sadaqa Jaariyah behind through even £1 - just contact @UBISOC or @piecesofpeaceproject social media.

May we all meet in Jannah, Ameen