The Islamic Society provides iftaar and taraweeh every single day in Ramadan to serve the Muslim students and create a beautiful community atmosphere.

Ramadan is a holy month in Islam and Muslims around the globe fast from dawn to dusk to seek the pleasure of Allah. In 2018, our Ramadan Project served more than 2200 meals over the whole month. It was truly a time for the community to get together, and the highlight was the grand Community Iftaar, where we invited students from across the university, and local reverends and councillors to participate, regardless of their religion.
Ramadan at the University of Birmingham is an experience in itself. The normal nights and iftaars in Ramadan are of course not as busy as the Community Iftaar pictured above, however it is still a beautiful opportunity to build a tight community. Many of us who stayed away from parents due to exams or other reasons were fearing that Ramadan would be very lonely at University. However, the Islamic Society creates a homely atmosphere and community bringing together students from a huge variety of nationalities.

InshaAllah, the Ramadan Project will continue again in 2021 but we will be unable to host iftar and taraweeh due to COVID-19. Please stay tuned to our social media for updates.