Welcome Freshers to your Islamic Society! We have a whole fortnight of events to welcome you here and many more after that!
Here are all the upcoming events:


Meet and Munch:

This is YOUR chance to meet the amazing UBISOC committee, socialise and make new friends... ALL of this over food.
Go on, GRAB your diary and a pen.
Date: Tuesday 24th September
Time: 5pm
Location: Guild Council Chambers (next to Prayer Room)


Next up on Wednesday:

Brothers Treasure Hunt:

Ahoyyy There! This one's for the brothers!
Join us for a fun filled interactive afternoon running around campus on our #isocXimed19 treasure hunt!
Get searching, get exploring all while getting to know the brothers on campus.

Date:  Wednesday 25th September
Time: 4pm
Location: Medical School (WF15)


Sisters Desserts Night:

Calling All Sisters!! The super famous *desserts night* and this time its back with a special UBISOC X IMED  twist!
Be sure to join us for lots of tasty treats all whilst getting to know the sisters on campus. So what are you waiting for?
Grab your diaries and get noting                                    
Date: Wed 25th September
Time: 4pm
Location: Multi-Faith Chaplaincy


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