Allah, As-Sabuur, is the Most Patient, Most Steadfast and Enduring. The One who is not moved by haste to carry out any action before it’s proper time. He does not get bored with waiting for us to come to Him, He continues to assure us in the Qur’an that He is with us and He loves those who do good. The important thing is to constantly seek good and do good.

We have reached the middle of Ramadan and we might feel like we haven’t made the most of it or we haven’t achieved any of the goals on our to-do list. This name is a reminder that Allah is patient with us and He is here for us. Rather than spend time lamenting and beating yourself up about the past, make a small specific, attainable goal and focus on that. Work on it and ensure you hold yourself accountable daily. Do not convince yourself that your goal is too small and do not compare yourself to others as we all have a different path in life to take, we have all been blessed with a variety of skills and what’s easy for me might not necessarily be easy for you and vice versa.

When you feel down, or you don’t feel like you’re doing enough, do not be tempted to rush into doing too many things. It can lead to burnout and eventual lack of motivation. When you begin to feel in this manner

What can you do now to improve your relationship with Allah?

Most importantly, be patient with yourself and be patient with results. In this day of instant gratification, it’s so easy to forfeit a goal after one or two hiccups but it is also important to realise that good things, that are really worth it, usually take time to be achieved. You might be working on a project, a book, memorising the Qur’an, learning to read with Tajweed, and you don’t feel like your goals are going in the direction you want them to.  Do not be too hard on yourself. Do not feel so frustrated that you would even think of giving up. The temptation to give up is from shaytan. He wants you to take the easy way out by blaming yourself, being impatient with yourself, and he allows you to feel this false sense of shyness towards Allah (too ashamed to turn to Him). Allah is patient with us and we should strive to remind ourselves that what matters is now. Do not dwell on the past; the best thing you can do is reflect and learn from your mistakes. That we are alive right now is Allah giving us another opportunity to work towards doing acts that are pleasing to Him.

Keep at it and continue to show up. Have faith that Allah will bless your efforts, for he said, “Verily, with difficulty comes ease.” (Q94:6) The road might seem hard and the journey might seem long but Allah is with you and He has got you.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Whoever persists in being patient, God will make him patient. Nobody can be given a blessing better and greater than patience.” [Bukhari]