The Prophet, peace be upon him, said “I will leave with you two things. as long as you hold them tightly, you will never go astray. They are: The Book of Allah and my Sunnah.”

Sunnah is a significant part of our Deen and so I will state a few easy Sunnah practices to follow:

Always have a pleasant smile

Ibn Jaz stated that “I have not seen anyone who smiled more than the Messenger of Allah swt”.

A smile allows a person to be more happier and it has been shown that a smile increases natural antidepressant hormones. The power of a smile is underestimated. Just by smiling you may seem more approachable; people may be more friendly and polite towards you. Additionally, smiling reduces stress! The next time you’re stressed you should take a deep breath and smile, as smiling reduces anxiety. And finally, smiles are contagious! “When you smile, the whole world smiles with you”. Studies show that a simple smile can activate muscles in other people to make them smile too. A positive facial expression leads to a positive mind and attitude.

Speaking good or keeping silent

The Prophet said: “He who believes in Allah and the Hereafter, if he witnesses any matter he should talk in good terms about it or keep quiet”.

Often in life it is easy to be in situations where we discuss matters that do not concern us. We waste precious time and energy discussing pointless matters, when we could be utilising this time to benefit us in the hereafter. As humans, we all have the desire to gossip, to better ourselves we should follow the Sunnah and only speak in good terms. This Sunnah is beneficial as we can utilise this energy and time for more beneficial things such as reading the Qur’an. Likewise, this Sunnah helps us stay out of trouble. Speaking ill of a person usually leads to unnecessary drama, so by following the Sunnah you won’t be involved in irrelevant, unbeneficial situations that would lead to trouble.

Sleeping and waking up early

Aisha said that “he used to sleep early at night, and get up in its last part to pray, and the return to his bed”.

Sleep is significant as researchers have shown that long periods of sleep is needed in order for people to restore and rejuvenate themselves. Likewise sleep allows people to grow muscle and too repair tissue. Our sleeping patterns are vital as they impact the way we function throughout the day. Due to busy schedules, it is easy to fall into the habit of sleeping late and waking up late. This Sunnah will allow you to be able to get up for Fajr, so you are in the right frame of mine throughout the day, and to be productive as you will have a good amount of energy to function effectively.

There are much more Sunnah actions that a Muslim should follow in order to be on the righteous path. The prophet said “He who loves my sunnah has loved me, and he who loves me will be with me in paradise”. May we all follow the Sunnah so we are able to enter paradise.