Freshers Events

Typically Freshers is hosted as a two-week campaign, with a variety of socials and events to get involved in. Staple highlights include the launch of the campaign with our Meet & Greet, as well as a Desserts Night, Games Night and a weekend day trip.

Beyond these events, there are always a range of sports from Trickshot Archery to Basketball and Netball, to Picnics and the notable Freshers Survival Guide event which aims to answer all the questions that a Fresher may have!


UBISoc isn’t UBISoc if you don’t see the hoodies around campus! This year, merchandise entails hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags and discount cards meaning members are truly spoilt for choice. Keep an eye out for the dropping of these items in the weeks to come insha’Allah. 

Academic Support

Regardless of the academic year that our members are in, support is always available. We have the ever- growing Network Hub on WhatsApp which facilitates discussion between year groups, and contains interactive content produced by the ISoc team. We also have the Mentor scheme which is open to all.

CW Events

The week hosts a range of events, starting with daily Krispy Kreme (and often samosa!) sales as the foundation. Students will find volunteers scattered throughout the entire campus selling doughnuts, so don’t miss out!

There are also daily events which can vary but often include Bake Offs, Spelling Bees, Quiz Nights and the Culture Night. 

CW Trek

Creating one’s own fundraising page, this event can cause the biggest competition between participants! The aim is to raise a significant amount of money for charity, with the challenge being to complete a trek which can be anywhere from Pen y Fan to Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

CW Dinner

The annual Charity Dinner has been a highlight for many years, and insha’Allah will continue to be in the years to come. This event is usually off-campus and gives the chance for attendees to celebrate the work which they have undergone over the week in raising vital funds for charity. The dinner often hosts an auction, entertainment, delicious food and good company.


“Worship Allāh and associate nothing with Him, and to parents do good, and to relatives, orphans, the needy, the near neighbour, the neighbour farther away, the companion at your side, the traveller, and those whom your right hands possess. Indeed, Allāh does not like those who are self-deluding and boastful.” (4:36)

With this comes beautiful events to share kindness within the community, from visits to local care homes to volunteering with refugees and creating care packages, BADG truly allows one to experience the feel-good vibes!


As ambassadors of the earth, park clean-ups, litter picking and maintaining a healthy environment is crucial to BADG! We invite members to take part in planting new plants across and around campus, as well as maintaining the already existing natural habitats. 


Finally, comes health. The Prophet (SAW) says to take advantage of health before sickness. With this in mind you will find opportunities with ISoc to donate blood, to support local Masjids on healthcheck days and in running Basic Life Support courses.


There are a range of responsibilities which come with being a Muslim, one of which is to gain knowledge, and to share it. This campaign provides the perfect opportunity to do the sharing. We often pull in an extremely mixed audience, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, thus you will see the campaign offer a whole host of activities to represent the very best of Islam.

Guest Speakers

There is usually one talk a day to cover hard-hitting themes, from Does God Exist? to, Who Was Muhammad (SAW)? and, What is the Miracle of the Quran? There really is lots to delve into!


Stalls provide the opportunity for insightful discussion, a chance to take part in activities like trying on a Hijab and calligraphy, to feeding our hearts through the ISoc Cafe and Lunch where there is FREE food on offer throughout the entire week!


Not that Ramadhan is about food… but daily free iftars on campus is a part of the Ramadhan Project! And as part of this we have our annual Community Iftar where we host over 2000 people in the centre of campus!

With UBISoc, we want to minimise any feeling of loneliness or lack of community by providing the opportunity for our members to break their fast together. So, we invite you all to come down and join us for at least a couple of iftars where you can insha’Allah.


A month for one to gain knowledge, focus on their Ibadah and focus on the Qu’ran, ISoc’s daily halaqat throughout the month work to promote and encourage all of these good actions. The halaqas are typically hosted live an hour before Iftar time, as well as being able to view them live across our social media platforms.


Some of the most special prayers, ISoc also facilitate daily Taraweeh on campus. Hear from some of our Hafidh, and get a breakdown of the Qur’an between Raka'at to support in Khushu of the Salah!